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Wine Cabinets – Are they necessary or just show-off appliance?

Wine cabinets have been labelled a glorified fridge, but if you’re a big wine drinker then they may prove to be a useful appliance. Wine cabinets tend to have a glass screen, and it means you can decide on the wine of your choice before you’ve opened the door. They are fairly expensive to run, much a like a normal fridge, but you may not want to keep wine chilled all yea round, and it may just be a case of switching it on when you have guests over.

If there is one type of drink that you don’t’ want to drink warm is wine, unless it is mulled wine of course. We all know that wind can take up a great deal of space in a fridge and having a designated cabinet can be handy, but it does probably work out cheaper to buy another fridge, and won’ this do the same job?

These are the considerations that need to be made, and it depends on each individual. If you like your wine or perhaps you make your own then it’s going to be a really handy appliance, but if you’re just buying it to look ‘posh’ then is there really a need?