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What rights do you have when making purchases

Do you know what rights you have when it comes to returning purchases you have made? Not many people fully understand what they are entitled to, but being aware of this can help you get what you want.  Many items and shops have different rules regarding returning items. Some items such as briefs, make up and food cannot be returned unless damaged or faulty due to hygiene reasons.  

If you buy an item in the sale, then you may be advised that the item will be exchange only meaning you cannot get your money back. If it is exchange only, you may be able to ask for a credit note instead to use at another time. Again this should not include items that are damaged or faulty as then you are entitled to a refund.  

All electrical goods sold new should come with a 12 months warranty which may be with the retailer or with the manufacturer. Some may even come with more than 12 months but often you will need to register an extended warranty with the manufacture for this to be activated.

If you need to return an item that is damaged or faulty, you may want to call the retailer first to find out what their policy is.