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What is the best sort of fan you should get for your home?

With the UK now in a heatwave, many of us have been up the attic or in to our garages to bring out the fans. There are a huge range of different types of fans on the market now ranging drastically in price.

The standard pedestal fans cost around £15-£50 each and tend to give off a good blast of air. You can often opt for one that can be tilted, height adjusted and also set to rotate. These fans do often require quite a bit of space, especially floor space as they tend to have a large base to ensure they stand up on their own.

Tower fans are a great choice -these are a relatively new design and are extremely popular. They can cost around the same as a pedestal fan but often cost a little bit more. They will also oscillate and you can usually change the speed settings of the fan.

you can get USB desk top fans which are ideal if you have limited space in a bedroom for example. The only issue with these are they do tend to be quite loud and sometimes a little unreliable. If putting in a child’s bedroom be sure to turn them off when you go to bed and don’t put them too close to where they are sleeping.