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What are your options when it comes to slushy makers?

Often children and many adults love slushies or ice drinks. You see them all the time at fairgrounds, parks and cinemas or soft play but can you have them at home? Slush Puppy, the brand that created the Slush, do sell their own machines. You can buy the industrial ones but they cost a lot upfront and to run or you can buy a smaller one that allows for just one flavour for around £40 – £50. These can be great for a party but as they need to be ran all the time, they are not very good for having on throughout a normal day.

There are some other machines that work in a similar way and they still make the snow cone maker machine that comes in the form of a snowman or a penguin. These machines look fun but are actually really impractical and hard to turn. The handle often ends up breaking off before you have had much use out of them.

An automatic ice shaver or grater is the perfect option. It is easy to use, you only turn it on when you need to use it and you can add your flavours afterwards. You can also use them to make cocktails so this doesn’t just have to be a kids toy. They come in around the £35 – £60 range so not far off the same price as a slush puppy maker.