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What are smart meters and should you have one installed?

Many people are being contacted by their gas or electricity supplier asking them if they would like to have a smart meter fitted. This is a relatively new device that can help cut down on costs. Smart meters are devices that are installed in your home which will automatically submit your meter readings to your utility provider. This means that billing will be more accurate and fewer home visits to do meter readings. The device will also come with a display screen on which you can place anywhere in your home which will show you your current usage. This is a great way to allow you to become more energy efficient and save money on your gas and electricity bills. You may be surprised how much you can save just by going around and turning the light off or pegging your washing out on the line, rather than using the tumble drier.

There is no cost to have a smart meter installed and you will stay on the same tariff you are currently on. The money for smart meters is being funded through everyone’s electricity bills in with their usual costs so you may as well get one installed as you will be contributing towards it somehow.