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Upgrading your appliances in your kitchen

If you have recently or ae in the process of having a new kitchen fitted then you may consider also buying new appliances. Some people like to have integrated appliances such as fridges, freezers, cookers and dishwashers to save on space and to make everything hidden away behind cupboards and worktops.

If you want your kitchen to look very sleek or have little space to work with then integrated is the way forward. IT is also easier to keep the kitchen clean if the appliances are all integrated as you needed have to worry about pulling them out to clean behind them as they are encased.

The down side of having integrated appliances is that if that one goes it may be harder to replace especially if they no longer make the make or model that you want. You may also have to fork out more in the cost of repairs for integrated appliances compared to the cost of stand alone. Integrated usually costs more and you may find that the fridge and freezer for example are smaller than a standard stand alone version. If you are worried about size then you could opt for another fridge freezer in a utility room or garage to be able to use as an overflow.