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The newest in kitchen appliances

With today’s kitchens serving because the hub of the house and Australians’ ever- increasing savvy about home cooking, the applying market has undergone some exciting changes.

“a few major brands are releasing new models into the Australian market,” said Caroline Doeglas, of DKA Designed Kitchen Appliances in Subiaco.

“These brands include Miele, Neff and Asko, all with exciting advancements in technology and colour selections.”

Spiros Scafidas, of Kitchen HQ, agreed the demand for top-performance appliances was at an all-time high.

“As people look spending more time enjoying their kitchens, we’re noticing a growing appreciation for big-capacity appliances and double ovens,” he said.

Here, we look at the most recent and greatest in cooking, dishwashers and refrigeration.


Mr Scafidas said induction cooking was the dominant trend, while steam ovens were also becoming the norm.

“The mainstreaming of induction cooking into top-end kitchens is a prevailing trend,” he said.

“Increasingly, steam ovens are replacing microwaves as a result health benefits and food quality they provide.”

Steve Lewis, of Harvey Norman in Osborne Park, said flexi-induction cooktops were increasingly popular because they allowed for the unrestricted placement of pots and pans, removing the restrictions of standard circle zones.

The two most sought-after features in ovens were induction electrics and self-cleaning (pyrolytic) technology. “While these aren’t new technologies, the worth point and range of options have changed considerably,” he said.

“Most brands have the capacity to pair these technologies now.”

For people that prefer cooking with gas, the most recent trends in gas cooktops included sinking the unit into the benchtop for a graceful, flush look, while Smeg’s revival of the classic cast trivet had brought the standard look back into the limelight.

When it involves ovens, in accordance with Mr Lewis, dual fuel or bi-energy ovens – which provide simultaneous gas and electric cooking in the same cavity, so that you can cook a roast in a single oven while baking a cake for dessert within the other – are popular.

“This technique allows the discerning cook to take advantage of the oven in gas mode to maintain a moister oven environment, or electric mode to realize that evenness and zoned cooking,” he said.

Mr Scafidas said colour had begun to creep back into large appliances, with Belling offering bold colours across its range of freestanding ovens.


Range hoods that demand attention are fast becoming a kitchen must-have, from units that pop up from the benchtop to the lovely Elica Star range hood that appears more like a chandelier than an appliance.

“The standard slide-out range hood is fast becoming old technology with inbuilt under-cupboard range hoods taking up and taking into consideration a cleaner appearance,” Mr Lewis said.

“These truly are a giant a part of the market now.”


Ms Doeglas said integrated refrigerators continued to be a powerful trend, which a lot of people paired with underbench wine cellars, corresponding to the Eurocave, or beverage centres from the likes of Vintec and Liebherr.

French-door fridges were also back in fashion.

Stainless steel reigns supreme, as do big- capacity units along with Miele’s MasterCool range.


Mr Scafidas said new technologies had made low-water-use dishwashers an emerging trend.

“Miele has a sensor wash function that detects how dirty dishes are and regulates the water supply in line with that,” he said.