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Taking your electrical appliances camping

If you are going camping then you may want to take a few of your home luxuries with you. If you have electric hook up then you can often use a kettle or toaster without having to worry about boiling water on a stove or grilling toast on an open flame. These simple appliances can make camping a much more pleasant and relaxing experience and most electric hook up sites will allow enough power for you to run them.

When using any electrical appliance there is always a risk to fire. When camping this can be even more so, so it is recommended that if the appliance is over 12 months old you get it checked over by an electrician. Never leave an electrical appliance on in a tent when you are out for a period of time.

If you are going in the cooler seasons you may want to take a heater with you. You can get gas heaters or can take an electric heather. Electric heaters again should not be left on when you are not in the tent but can safely be used when you are there. Try and get one that has an automatic shut off after a certain amount of time or will turn off if knocked over.