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Taking care of your vacuum cleaner

Many of us rely a lot on our vacuum cleaners. You may use yours a few times a week or even daily and if you have pets then your vacuum will often be doing even more work to rid the pet hair. When a vacuum cleaner is new, it often performs very well, but quickly you may find that it starts to lose suction and is not picking up bits. This can be something simple such as a blockage in the pipe or the vacuum needs emptying but it can also be down to issues with the filter. Many vacuums now have filters that can removed and washed but it can still be hard to get all the fluff out and often it means you will need to replace them. Before purchasing your vacuum, have a look at the cost of replacing the filters and consider getting one or two spare in case you do need to try and wash them.

Although vacuums will be covered by a 12 months warranty from new, they will not cover issues with the filter so this is something to bear in mind. You may want to read reviews before buying your next vacuum as some have common issues with the filters which can end up costing you more over time.