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Taking appliances with you when camping

If you are going camping then you need to decide what sort of holiday you want it to be. Some people enjoy camping going back to basics. They won’t opt for electric hook up and do all their cooking on a little gas ring or bbq. For others, they still want some of the mod cons when camping and so they take appliances with them that make certain tasks easier. If you have electric hook up you may decide to take a mini fridge or electric cool box with you. This will enable you to store basic food and milk and not Have to worry about going to the shop every day.

You may also take a kettle and toaster with you as this will be much quicker than having to boil water on a stove or toast on a gas grill.

Often many people restrict what they take purely due to the space they have. If you have plenty of space, for example take two vehicles then you may be tempted to take your whole kitchen with you, but sometimes it is important to remember that parts of camping are sometimes more enjoyable when you have to do things a little slower paced.