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Stocking up on batteries for Christmas

With Christmas less than 4 weeks away, now is the time to stock up on batteries. There is nothing more frustrating than your child or grandkids opening their presents on Christmas day and not being able to play with it as you have not got the right batteries for it.

Before wrapping the presents, double check what batteries it takes as many toys take different sizes. If possible, it may be worth putting the batteries into the toy first, if you can get into it without damaging the packaging. This will mean you don’t have to mess around with screwdrivers and the child can play with the toy immediately.

Once you have your list of how many batteries you need, shop around to find the best price. Be very wary about buying batteries that are too cheap, especially online as there are a number of counterfeit batteries for sale that have been known to be dangerous if the toy short circuits or malfunctions. Often you will get a better deal by buying in bulk, so ask friends and family members if they want to club together with you to get a bigger discount.