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Should you buy a cordless vacuum cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning, a vacuum is essential. Often hoovering the carpets can make a massive difference and is often required at least a few times a week if not every day in busy homes. There are such a massive array of vacuum cleaners on the market and the prices range drastically from £30 upwards of a few hundred pounds. It can be a real minefield knowing which one to choose. You need to think carefully about which vacuum cleaner will best suit your needs. If you struggle to carry around a heavy one and just need to give the floors a quick once over then you may want to invest in a cordless vacuum. Again these can range massively in price so you need to read reviews to see which one has the best battery life and the best suction. These are not ideal if you have a large home as often the battery will only last 30 mins or so and may not be enough to get through the whole house.

Dyson and Shark are two of the leading brands of vacuums at the moment and people are very much divided on which one they prefer. If possibly try and borrow or at least have a go with friends or families vacuums so you can get an idea of what they are like before you commit to purchasing one.