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Saving money on your gas and electricity bills

Gas and Electric bills are often one of the largest outgoings a family has on a monthly basis after the mortgage or rent. We all need some way of heating our homes and running our electrical appliances but often we forget that even just by switching off a few things we can save a fortune on our fuel bills.

Many people leave their televisions and set-top boxes on standby overnight, often not giving it a second thought. But did you know you can save over £80 per year on average by switching appliances off rather than on to standby mode?

Smart meters are rolling out across the country and can help you realise how and where you are spending. It may be that you boil your kettle then forget to make a drink so boil it again a few minutes later. Doing this repeatedly over the year can rack up unnecessary electricity charges.

Another way to save money is by checking if you should change suppliers or at least the tariff you are on. Some people save in excess of £400 a year just by switching to a new supplier.