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What to look out for when buying catering electrical appliances

When buying electrical appliances that have been designed for commercial use, there are a certain number of things that you need to be aware of. If you are looking at installing a pizza oven for example, in your home or in a small industrial/commercial building then you will first need to check it will work.

Every property that has electricity coming into it will either be provided with phase one or phase three.  Phase three offers more power so is often only found in larger commercial units that require more power on a daily basis. Many commercial appliances are designed to work with phase 3 supply for this reason and therefore cannot be used in a supply that is only phase one. You also need to check that you have sufficient space on your current circuit to add the appliance and that you will not be overloading the circuit as this will cause it to trip out every time. It is worth checking all the requirements of the appliance you are looking to buy first and consulting an electrician if you are unsure as to whether it will be able to be added to the fuse board.

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Upgrading your appliances in your kitchen

If you have recently or ae in the process of having a new kitchen fitted then you may consider also buying new appliances. Some people like to have integrated appliances such as fridges, freezers, cookers and dishwashers to save on space and to make everything hidden away behind cupboards and worktops.

If you want your kitchen to look very sleek or have little space to work with then integrated is the way forward. IT is also easier to keep the kitchen clean if the appliances are all integrated as you needed have to worry about pulling them out to clean behind them as they are encased.

The down side of having integrated appliances is that if that one goes it may be harder to replace especially if they no longer make the make or model that you want. You may also have to fork out more in the cost of repairs for integrated appliances compared to the cost of stand alone. Integrated usually costs more and you may find that the fridge and freezer for example are smaller than a standard stand alone version. If you are worried about size then you could opt for another fridge freezer in a utility room or garage to be able to use as an overflow.

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Designing your own kitchen

A kitchen is an important part of a home and not only is it important when you live their but it is also a big part of selling a home too. Most people spend a lot of their time in the kitchen and therefore it needs to be functional as well as look nice. If you have a kitchen dinner or are looking to have one then you need to make sure that it is designed with this in mind. Think about the layout in terms of where the doors are where the seating area is going to be and where to place other appliances. You probably do not what the cooker right next to the table for example.

There are companies out there that will come round to your home and give you an idea of a designs that may suit your requirements. These are great at allowing you to visualise how your kitchen can look and working out hows best to place everything.

Why not sketch out your room and cut out pieces of paper for your appliances and furniture. You can then play about with a floor plan to see which fits best where.



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Coffee machines

If you like the aroma of fresh coffee in the mornings, a coffee machine needs to be at the top of your kitchen appliance shopping list.

When you decide to purchase your appliance, you are faced with a mind-numbing range of products from the bean to cup machines to the standard filter coffee makers. The right one for you will depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, price. There is a vast difference in the price of these appliances ranging from a few hundred pounds to about twenty pounds. If you are a real coffee connoisseur, you may feel that the price is justified however, if you just want a good cup of coffee, a filter machine may be all you need.

The next thing to consider is the running cost. A bean to cup appliance uses coffee beans, which are more expensive to buy than ground coffee, but whereas you usually make a jug of filter coffee, which you may not use completely, you only make a cup of coffee with the more expensive machine resulting in no waste.

Lastly, space. The filter coffee maker only takes up the same space as a kettle, the bean to coffee machine however, takes up much more space on your kitchen worktop.

Whichever appliance you decide on there is one thing for sure, there is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee.







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Should you buy second hand appliances?

If you are looking for electrical appliances then you may be tempted by the huge saving you can make by buying them second hand. There are many places to buy second hand electrical appliances such as Ebay, Gumtree, Facebook or at a car boot sale, but you need to be aware of the risks you may be taking.

If you are buying something from a seller that has refurbished the item then you may well get a warranty, but if buying privately then you may find that you have little cover and could end up wasting your money.

Buying items from a car boot is often the most risky as you will not have any way of contacting the person should the item not work and often you cannot test it until you get home.

You can save money on buying items second hand but if you are still talking about spending over a hundred pounds then I would seriously consider whether it is worth the risk, you may find by spending just a little bit more you can get yourself a 12 month warranty and have peace of mind should it not work or go wrong in the near future.


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