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Online shopping rights explained

Buying goods online has become the new norm for many of us but what happens when things go wrong and either the goods are not as described in the advert, they are faulty, or they do not arrive at all?

We all have something called consumer rights that should protect the online buyer just as it should protect someone buying in store. It is vital that everyone is aware of their rights and are willing to act on them and that sellers respect these rights and operate lawfully at all times.

Let us look first at goods that arrived that are not as described in the advertisement. For most online orders you have fourteen days from receiving your order to contact the retailer to ask for a refund and then a further fourteen days to return the goods. The standard delivery charged to you should be refunded too. In the case of faulty goods noticed within the first thirty days the retailer must offer you a refund or offer to repair or replace the faulty item. After this period and up to the guarantee period they are obliged to offer to repair or replace the goods and if the item is still faulty they must then offer a refund.

It is very frustrating if you order goods online and they simply do not appear on your doorstep. It is important to note that your contract is with the retailer not the courier so any disputes must be raised with the seller who should reimburse you for the missing goods.