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Making the most of your log burner

Log burners can be a perfect addition to any home. They can give a real homely feeling to any room and often people fall in love with the natural wood burning smell that they give off along with the therapeutic abilities of the appearance of the flames. When using a log burner you need to try and make sure you get the most out of the heat that is being produced to keep your house warmer for longer.

One way in which you may want to make use of a log burner is to have it linked to your central heating system, meaning that when the fire is alight, the heat is also being used to heat up the water in your home and radiators. This means long after the fire has gone out, the heat is still being dispersed throughout the home.

Make sure you invest in some good quality wood for burning. If the wood takes longer to burn then it will last longer and therefore produce heat for longer. You will often need different types of wood for burning as opposed to starting the fire in the first place.

A log burner fan can also help as it pushes the rising heat from the back of the fire into the room so it is not lost.