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Lighting for your garage

Many homes have a garage and often they are used for different things. To some people, their garage is where they park their car, it may be used for little else other than this. Other people use their garage as another room such as a utility room to store the fridge/freezer and washing machine etc and others the garage is often just a dumping ground, a place to hide stuff away that you may need one day. Whatever your garage is used for, it is important to have the correct sort of lighting. If you are only parking your car in there, then you may just want a basic light that you can turn on and off at the switch, or you may want an automatic light that comes on when you drive in to allow you to see on the dark nights.

If your garage is a room that you go in quite often then you may need more lights and ones that you can control independently. You may also want to look at installing energy saving or LED bulbs to cut down on the cost of running them.