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Katie Alice’ Collections: A Masterpiece

The Katie Alice brand was built by designer Katie Alice Dawson. It was the tableware company Creative Tops that motivated Katie to come up with the Cottage flower collection. Back in 2010, Creative Tops requested Katie to collaborate with their business and as they say, the rest is history.Journey of KatieHer designs were influenced by the English country garden and her love for vintage as well as functional pieces.

Not so long after, Cottage Flower Collection became such a hit. This pushed Creative Tops to continue working with Katie. In the succeeding years, Katie developed some more ranges for their loyal retail customers.Katie’s DesignsBird Song is the most recent design of Katie. It is a lovely design with retro colour palette. In this design, the bird sings with the invigorated vintage artwork of the two chirping as well as happy little birds. Its floral appeal will send you back in the 1950’s.Indeed, this range has indeed a huge prospect as it has stimulating new additions on its product.

Katie’s inspiration for her Highland Fling design came from her Edinburgh trip in January. In that particular trip, tartan blanket was needed that soon stirred up the idea for a tartan tableware range!.The design consists of simple plum colours, sage green tartan and dusky pink. These colors are then imitated into a vintage floral design placed on various gift items. Meanwhile, bucolic hand-paint spot placed in stoneware come inclusively with snuggly interweaved cozies.
Cupcake Couture design was inspired by Paris’ interior designs, architecture as well as popular patisserie’s. It is a pastel colour palette suggestive of an alluring plate of french fancies and a combination of gold colour and green. The details on the the metallic gold polka dot coupled with the antiquarian white and black figures of cake and tea make this a lovely and somewhat peculiar teatime event.Ditsy Floral, is in essence an English design. Its vintage print decants similar to a pot of tea as it sprinkled on the flimsy fine-bone shapes of the collection.It is inspired by the colour palette in the 1950’s. Among these are warm grey, sunshine yellow and mint green, coupled with the lovely apple-bossom-pink flowers.

This tea range also boasts of a lovely design of a union jack.The English Garden design mirrors the true love of the English Country garden. The fresh, spiral-like range coupled with crisp white porcelain and an extensive floral as well as nature design. This design with a beautiful shade of blue rooted from a specific delphinium, coupled with the brand name ditsy polka dot can be seen in a wide variety of dazzling and cheerful kitchen and tea products.Cottage flower is by far, Katie Alice’s most successful design as many really love its endearing appeal. Designs of Katie Alice are indeed endearing because of its unique features and appeal. All customers have their personal favorites and these are all dependent on how they want to project their kitchen items.No question that her collection is an absolute masterpiece that everyone can love.