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Is your Smart meter being used in the right way?

If you opted to have a smart meter fitted you may be enjoying not having to give meter readings over the phone or wait for the knock at the door from the electricity or gas company wanting to come in and take the reading from the meters.
This is only one of the advantages that a smart mete can offer and it is important to make sure that you understand how it works and the functionality to allow you to start accurately budgeting and start cutting down on your bills.
The smart meters are designed to show you what you are instantly using in the home and what your running costs are. The smart meter will show you the amount of gas and electric you are using at that time (often kw/h or £/hr) and you can then see the impact using your kettle or having your heating clicked up is having on your overall usage. Often the smart meters do not show you the daily rate you may be being charged and it is easy to forget that. You may be surprised when your bill comes through higher than you had anticipated because you did not factor in the standing charge.
If you notice your meter is showing a higher price per hour than you would like, start to look around your home to see what you could turn off that may reduce the cost. Some smaller items may not seem to make much of a difference on their own but could cut down the costs when accumulated.