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Is retail changed forever after the Covid pandemic?

The last 12 months has had a massive effect n the retail and shopping industry. Many shops have had to close their doors for long periods of time throughout the last year and unfortunately some have not made it through these tough times and will not be able to open again.

The government have announced that non-essential retail can start to reopen again from the 12th April 2021. This is a much-needed boost for many retailers who fear they may not be able to survive for much longer, but will shopping be the same as it was before?

It is likely that when shops first do open, many social distancing rules will still be in place so you may still not be able to use the changing rooms and queues may be expected as less tills are open and less people allowed in the shops. We do not yet know how many of these rules may be here to stay. Also, lots of people have had to turn to online shopping throughout the pandemic and it may be that they continue to do so even when the shops reopen. We could see a lot less foot fall to out towns and cities.