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Is owning a carpet washer a good idea?

Although laminate and wood flooring are a popular floor covering choice in many homes, carpets are still the preferred option for many especially in bedrooms and living rooms as it is generally warmer and gives a cosier feel to your home. The downside to carpeted floors is that they can get dirty particularly if you have pets or young children. This problem necessitates the need to wash the carpets periodically, but should you purchase a carpet washer, or should you simply hire one when needed?

If you decide to buy your own carpet washer there are a few to choose from and depending on how much carpet you have will determine the size of the washer you buy. If you have a large carpeted area a more substantial machine will be a better buy as the water tanks are larger so will need less emptying however you will need to consider where you are going to store it when not in use. A smaller model is a better option if storage space is a problem or even consider a wet and dry machine that can be used as a vacuum cleaner too.

As the cost of hiring a machine is quite costly it is certainly worth thinking about buying a carpet washer to share between family households thus cutting down on the initial outlay.