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Is it worth buying the latest kitchen gadget?

As many of us know there are those kitchen appliances and gadgets that we just can’t live without and there are those that sit languishing in the back of our kitchen cupboards waiting to be used but how do we know which is which?

Before buying any appliance or kitchen gadget it is important to ask ourselves a few important questions. Firstly, do I really need a piece of additional equipment to perform the task in hand? An electronic can opener is useful if you have arthritis and find it difficult to grip and turn an ordinary opener but is a lot more expensive and may take up valuable worktop space if you have a small kitchen.

The second question to ask is how often the appliance is going to be used. If it is only once a year for example a large cake mixer to make a Christmas cake could you borrow one from a friend or relative. If, however you make several large cakes for family birthdays and anniversaries it would be a wise investment.

Many people have bought a bread making machine with the intention of making their own healthy bread only to find that it is far cheaper to buy it from a bakery so think carefully before splashing out on what could be a white elephant.