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Is appliance insurance worthwhile?

When you purchase a new appliance from one of the larger electrical stores it is common for you to be offered appliance insurance to cover breakdowns and sometimes accidental damage. Customers are encouraged to take on this insurance and are usually offered credit terms so that they can pay a small amount monthly. This can give some customers peace of mind especially if the appliance is expensive and to replace it would be difficult. There are however some things to think about before you commit to taking out the insurance.

All new appliances have a twelve month guarantee from new which covers breakdowns so as long as you have been careful to only use your appliance as instructed you will be able to get a new one or a repair free of charge should anything go wrong.

It is a good idea to check whether your appliances are covered under your normal house insurance especially for accidental damage as you may be paying twice for the same cover.

If you have a local appliance repair company that offers repairs at a reasonable price it may be that the money you pay out in insurance could be saved until you need a repair doing.