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Is a bean to cup coffee machine a good buy?

Do you like a really good cup of coffee? If a quality coffee is at the top of your must have list you may have considered buying a bean to cup coffee machine. The downside to these machines is the cost as they are normally quite expensive but are they worth the extra cost?

Although instant coffee has come a long way in terms of quality many serious coffee drinkers believe that ground coffee is superior. The variety and flavours of ground coffee available to buy are abundant and vary greatly in price. High quality ground coffee can be bought from independent retailers some even offering a taste test before purchase. However coffee beans can also be bought from major supermarkets and coffee houses but a grinder will be needed.

The beauty of the bean to cup coffee machine is its simplicity. Coffee beans of your choice are put into the receptacle at the top of the machine and the water container is filled with cold water from the tap. The strength of the coffee can be selected as can the size of the cup being used. Simply press a button and your perfectly made cup of coffee is ready to drink.