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In car phone holders

The market is inundated with car phone holders. There is such a wide choice available it can be very hard to know which sort to get. Some car phone holders have suction pads on the back which you can attach to the window screen, others have clips that clip on to your air vents and some plug into your power socket point. You can even get special mats or sticky pads which you can attach to your dashboard and place the phone on. Although the phone will stick to the pad, they claim not to leave any sticky residue on the phone.

Some of these products work better than others and while some may work brilliantly to start with, often after a while they don’t grip as well.

You may have to buy a product and try it before you can decide if it works as it should, but if it doesn’t stay in position or doesn’t hold your phone then you should be entitled to return it for a refund or exchange.