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Fitting LED bulbs throughout your home

LED bulbs have been about for some time now, but only recently has there been a huge drop in the cost of them. With so many retailers selling LED bulbs, the competition has seen the cost of these decrease in order to allow them to compete with each other.

LED bulbs are more expensive to buy that your normal bulbs but can last a lot longer and many manufacturers offer a two to five-year guarantee on them although they often last a lot longer than this.  LED bulbs are more efficient as they can produce the same sort of light but by using less power than a normal bulb.

IF you are going to fit LED bulbs then I would strongly recommend fitting them throughout your home as you can save a huge amount of money by buying in bulk. When changing the bulbs do not forget to consider the outdoor lighting and garages or porches etc as these are lights that are often accidently left on for a period of time and could save you more money.