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Energy efficient Christmas lights

This time of year we see hundreds of houses donned with festive lights, but some people simply don’t realise the cost of lighting their house up of the Christmas period. In the UK Christmas lights are getting more extravagate and people are opting not only to add lights to their Christmas tree but also to the front of their homes and gardens. If you are not careful you may find yourself with an even bigger winter electricity bill than usual.
Before you pull out the same old lights that you have been using for years, just check if they are LED. LED lights are much more efficient than standard light bulbs and they also do not get hot giving that added peace of mind that small children will not get burnt and reducing the risk of fires. The majority of Christmas lights are now LED but if the lights are very cheap you may find that they are not so it is always worth double checking.
Fitting timer switched to your lights will allow them to come on and off at certain times so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it. You can also use battery lights that may cost slightly more to run (in terms of the cost of the batteries) but at least you know how much they are costing you each time you have to replace the batteries.