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Electrical safety at Christmas

With many of us going all out over the festive period with Christmas tree lights, lights outside the house and moving decorations, it is easy to see why more electrical faults happen during this time of year. With people buying electrical goods online or in shops, they may not always realise that not all comply with the EU standards and may not have been vigorously tested to ensure they are safe. Even the ones that have been tested can still fail so it is important that you follow your own set of rules to try and eliminate accidents happening.

Never leave Christmas lights / decorations plugged in when you leave the house. You may not like to have to turn everything off when you are out but if a fire broke out and no one was in, then it may not be noticed for quite some time and already of done a lot of damage. The same goes for when you go to bed and are less likely to see if there is a problem.

Always buy electrical goods off a reputable firm and try and check for the label which states it has been tested and is safe to use. Always read the instructions that come with the item and only use it as suggested.