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Electric Garage Door Operator: Good Things To Know

Electric garage door operators are a viable and  convenient solution, but due to plethora of options to choose from, picking the best one for your house can be quite confusing. The most important thing to remember when choosing your electric garage operator is to look for the best value and features that fit your house and your family’s needs.

Garage door openers operate on the mechanism of tensile strength and springs. Basically they are attached to the doors which exert sufficient tensile strength to lift or lower the door. Electric garage door operators do not actually use any electricity to provide the garage door’s lifting power. Actually electricity comes into play during the manipulation of the garage door. The electrical power allows you to control how far your door opens and closes via the operator’s electric motor. This motor, which is used to close and open the door, can direct the distance the garage door closes and opens by limiting the power once it receives it receives the “go-ahead” signal from the remote control. This convenient feature ensures easy management of the door.

Aside from the springs, the typical electric operator also usually consists of an electric motor and a power unit. These are both attached to a horizontal or a vertical track in the operator where a trolley gently slides back and forth on a track guided by a belt, chain, or a screw (depending on the motor the operator uses), thus allowing the garage door to open and close. The Electric garage door operator can usually be found right above the door with the power unit near the back of the garage. It can be controlled using switches or a remote

Choosing an electric garage door operator

  • Check the operator’s mechanisms-When choosing your electric operator, you should contrast different types of springs and motor drives that opener uses. Chain drives are cheap but can be noisy. On the other hand, belt drives are expensive but are also the quietest. Halfway between noisiness and cost of the two is the screw drive. Usually garages with single doors use extension springs, but when choosing an operator for a double-doored garage, it’s best to go with an operator that uses tension spring. For extra-heavy doors, choose an operator with higher horse power.
  • Check safety and security features-Safety and security are of utmost importance when choosing your garage door operator. Sometimes garages are used not only to house one’s car, but can also be used as an entry inside the house. Therefore, it is important to buy a garage door operator with adequate security features. Make sure that electric garage door operator you choose has required safety mechanism that stops the door from closing when any object passes underneath it. This safety feature can be invaluable in ensuring the protection of you and your family members, car and other properties. An additional security feature you can find in many electric garage door operators is rolling code which generates a new code each time its transmitter is used. This ensures that no one but you will be able to open the garage door.
  • Check additional features-Additional features of opener represent additional benefits that you can avail of. Thus its good to evaluate features available based on your needs. check multiple or single button remote control, available battery backup, and warranty among others before making your decision.