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Christmas shopping in England

With lockdown restrictions hopefully being lifted just a few weeks before Christmas, many of us will be rushing around to get everything we need. This lockdown a few shops have remained open but not clothing and toy shops.

Every year more and more people do their shopping online but this year there has been a huge increase. For many people, they do not want to wait until a few weeks before the big day to start doing their shopping. It may be that you are still shielding and therefore do not want to risk going out to the shops especially when it is going to be really busy.

If you are going to order presents online, you need to do it as early as possible. There is likely to be delays in the post the closer we get to Christmas, so ordering now should avoid disappointment. When ordering online it is even more important to read the descriptions in full and check things such as dimensions as many people have been caught out this way. Also check the delivery times, especially if ordering from somewhere like eBay or Amazon as some deliveries are coming from abroad so can take a few weeks.