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Choosing an electric fire for your home

If your home hasn’t got a fireplace with a working fire then all is not lost. With a wide range of electric fires now on the market, you are literally spoilt for choice. Historically electric fires were often found in the homes of older people, with the traditional two bars running along the front and often some charcoal effect plastic display. Now you can pick up a number of different types of fires that will complement any home. You can get Led fires which can look great in a modern setting, some of which have LED flames, colour changing backlights as well as a heating function.

If you want something a little more traditional then why not go for an electrical wood burning fire. These fires can look very realistic and to the untrained eye you may not realise at first that the flames are simply a lighting effect.

When choosing a fire be cautious about buying one second hand. If possibly be sure to have a qualified electrician give it a once over. If you are going for a gas fire then you need to ensure that it is fitted and maintained by someone who is Corgi registered.