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Can you haggle in shops in the UK?

If you have recently been abroad to a country such as Tunisia, Egypt or Canaries then you will probably be well aware that people often haggle on the market and in some shops to get a better price. Lots of people have the confidence to do it abroad, quickly learning that if they don’t they may get taken advantage of, but did you know you can actually do it in many shops in the UK, even some big chain shops. When you have found a number of products that you want to buy, before taking them up to the check out, try and speak to a member of staff and ask them if they can do you a better deal when buying multiple items. If you want an item that you have seen cheaper elsewhere, many stores offer a price match or lower price than their competitors if you ask. If you are buying a large quantity from one store, then you could also ask to see if they will give you a bulk discount.

If an item is marked or damaged, you can again ask for a reduction in price but it may then not be allowed to be returned. This can often save you quite a bit on the retail price and often the damage can easily be repaired or does not affect the product use in any way.