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Buying a new kettle

Almost all of us use a kettle at least a few times a day to either make a cup of tea or coffee or to boil water for a pan of potatoes or veg. With our kettles being used so many times a day, we often expect quite a lot from it and yet don’t like to invest a fortune in one. Kettle prices vary from around ten pounds upwards of a hundred but often the more expensive ones don’t come with a longer warranty.

When choosing your kettle, many people go purely for looks and cost but you may want to check how quickly it boils and if it has a keep warm setting. If you tend to use your kettle a few times in quick succession or boil it and then don’t make a drink for a while then the keep warm setting can be ideal. This can also save money on your electricity bills by reducing the number of times you have to boil the water.

You can now get rid of your kettle all together and opt for a constant boiling water tap to be installed giving you instant access to boiling water literally at the turn of a tap. Although more expensive these can save time and even money on your electricity bills.