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Bleeding radiators

Making sure that your homes central heating works is one of the basic parts of any households responsibilities. Specifically, making sure that your radiators are working efficiently is of utmost importance. It is easy  to tell when a radiator is in need of some attention, you just need to examine how the heat spreads throughout the radiator. If the radiator is only warm in one spot, that means that you need to bleed it. By this we mean that you need to extract the excess air which has found its way inside of the radiator. Air can greatly affect the efficiency of your radiator, ultimately costing you money, and making your house colder than you want it to be. Bleeding radiators can be messy, so before you release the bleed valve, make sure that you place a towel to capture any leaking water. If the central heating is one while you are bleeding the radiator, then air will immediately enter it, so make sure to turn it off before you try.