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Are cordless vacuums really comparable to corded?

More and more of us are looking to cordless alternatives to usual household items as they often are easier to use, store and you no longer need to worry about cables trailing all over your home. There are some cordless items that work just as effectively as cored ones but for others you may need to compromise on the standards you can expect. This is often true for the cordless vacuum. Cordless vacuums have been around for a little while now but up until recently they were seen as a quick way to clean up lightly soiled areas and not an alternative to your everyday upright vacuum.  

Dyson and Shark have recently released a range of cordless upright vacuums that they say are as good if not better than your standard vacuum. They are powered by a battery which can be easily recharged if placed back on the charging unit and usually you can get up to an hour vacuuming time from each full charge. This is usually plenty of time to clean every room in your house.

A recent review of these types of products however show that the majority of customers still feel they are lacking in power and simply do not pick up bits off the carpet and hard floors as effectively as their usual corded vacuum.