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Are coffee pod machines really worth it?

Coffee pod machines have been around for some time now and the cost to buy one seems to be forever dropping. There are a number of different manufacturers that make coffee pod machines such as De’longhi and Tassimo. They all have different features and many of them use different pods. The cost of the machines varies from around £35 upwards of £200 depending on the make and model but often the expense with these machines is not the initial cost.

Although you can be spoilt for choice when it comes to your choice of pod, from coffee to hot chocolate, the pods themselves can work out very costly. You will often pick up a pack of coffee pods for around £4 for 8. That works out at around fifty pence per coffee which is a lot more expensive than instant or coffee beans. With some you also need to buy the milk pods which again all add to the cost. Although these c=machines will produce a nice tasting coffee, you may be better to save your money and invest in a great coffee bean machine with a milk frothier, as even though they are a lot more to buy, will not cost nearly as much to run.