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Appliances that come into their own during winter

As silly as it sounds there are some appliances that are used infrequently during the summer months and spend their time in the back of a kitchen cupboard but as soon as the weather gets colder our thoughts turn to stews, soups and toasted sandwiches and the appliances that are used to make these heart-warming foods.

A slow cooker is often used to make stews and curries and is ideal if you are out at work during the day and want a warm meal to come home to. The ingredients are simply placed in the slow cooker in the morning, if the slow cooker has a timer function the timer is set and then it can be left to cook the meal. Slow cookers are very versatile and can be used to cook a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes.

Soup makers were very popular a few years ago and if you enjoy home made soup then it is worthwhile investing in one. All the ingredients for your delicious soup are put into the soup maker and the appliance cooks and liquidises the soup for you. All you need is the crusty bread to go with it.

Many people enjoy a sandwich for lunch but on a cold day a hot toasted sandwich is much better, so a sandwich toaster is invaluable. Experiment with fillings for your toastie as there are many delicious variations to enjoy.