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Air fryers for healthy eating

Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular with members of the public as they try and find ways they can enjoy fried food in a healthier way. Many of these types of fryers require very little of no oil but still allow the food to be crisp as if it had been deep fried. There are a number of manufacturers that make these types of fryers and the prices range from approximately £30 upwards of £150.

If you have a large family then you will need to check the capacity of the fryer as you do not want to be having to cook twice for every meal you use it for.

Air fryers often allow you to cook a wide range of food from chips, chicken to pizzas. Most of them come with a recipe book to allow you to get the most out of your fryer and cook healthy meals that you can enjoy.

You can buy air fryers from a huge number of retailers such as the high street giants in appliances Currys or from places like B and M or even your local supermarket. Before investing in one, be sure to read plenty of reviews to find the fryer that will best suit your cooking style and needs.