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Kitchen appliances for the busy family

For the majority of us, our kitchens are brimming with appliances that either save us time or effort. These may be large appliances such as fridge freezers and dishwashers or smaller items such as food mixers and coffee makers. Sometimes we buy an appliance that we think we will use, and it sits in the cupboard or on a shelf gathering dust, eventually getting sold on or given away. There are some appliances however that once bought we find that we use them so frequently we wouldn’t want to be without and one such appliance is the air fryer.

Air fryers have improved somewhat from when they were first advertised and now are more compact, have digital displays and variable heat settings. The original air fryers have a paddle that rotates the food as it is cooking but some models do not have a paddle, so an alarm indicates that it is time to give the food a shake halfway through the cooking time.

If you are thinking about purchasing an air fryer it is worth checking that the size is adequate for your family. A two litre model is sufficient for one or two people whereas a family of four or more would be better buying one with a capacity greater than four litres.

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Transforming your outdoor living space at home

So many of us spent a lot of time at home over the past few years due to the pandemic. For many, this highlighted areas of their home that they wanted to improve. Outside space is often put aside to concentrate on the inside, but after being confined to our gardens, many of us have realised how enjoyable they can be. It is important that you have places in your garden for all the family. It may be that you have young children and want an area where they can have play equipment, but you may also want a seating area where you can spend time with the family or entertain guests. The British weather can be very unpredictable and within a few days we can see lovely sunny weather turn in to rainy windy conditions. Having an awning install on your patio will help you to enjoy your garden whatever the weather. It may be that you need to ensure that you have shelter from the fierce sun in the day or that you need a covered over, sheltered area for guests to stand under when you have a party. There are a wide range of awnings you can choose from, from manual to electric, fixed or retractable and all come in various sizes, shapes and colours.

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How to choose the best coffee maker for you

With so many different types of coffee makers on the Market it can be hard to know what the differences in them are and which coffee appliance would best suit you.

Here are the main types of coffee makers currently on the market:-

Cafetières – this is probably the most inexpensive way to make fresh coffee, the ground coffee is put in a glass jug with boiling water and the lid is then plunged down to allow the coffee to be poured out leaving the coffee grounds behind. This is quick and easy but quite messy when you have to wash it out.

Percolator- this is a machine where you add coffee grounds to a section in the top and the machine then boils the water and slowly passes it through the grounds to collect in a jug below. These are great for numerous cups through the day as the coffee jug sits on a warming plate keeping the coffee hot for hours.

Coffee pod machine – there are a number of these types of machines on the market at the moment and they tend to be popular as they are very easy and convenient to use. The machine boils water and then passes it through your chosen coffee pod. You can buy a whole range of flavoured coffees as well as hot chocolates and even ice coffee blends. The pod can be quite expensive though so its worth factoring that in before you make a purchase.

Bean to cup coffee machines – these work out much cheaper per cup of coffee however the machines themselves tend to be quite expensive as they are much more sophisticated. You add coffee beans to the top of the machine and it selects and grinds out the correct amount of coffee, boiling the water to make the perfect amount for your cup. You can then use the attached milk frother to create barista style coffees such as a latte or cappuccino.  

It’s really a case of personal preference but certainly do some research and check out reviews before you buy to avoid getting the wrong product.

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Online shopping rights explained

Buying goods online has become the new norm for many of us but what happens when things go wrong and either the goods are not as described in the advert, they are faulty, or they do not arrive at all?

We all have something called consumer rights that should protect the online buyer just as it should protect someone buying in store. It is vital that everyone is aware of their rights and are willing to act on them and that sellers respect these rights and operate lawfully at all times.

Let us look first at goods that arrived that are not as described in the advertisement. For most online orders you have fourteen days from receiving your order to contact the retailer to ask for a refund and then a further fourteen days to return the goods. The standard delivery charged to you should be refunded too. In the case of faulty goods noticed within the first thirty days the retailer must offer you a refund or offer to repair or replace the faulty item. After this period and up to the guarantee period they are obliged to offer to repair or replace the goods and if the item is still faulty they must then offer a refund.

It is very frustrating if you order goods online and they simply do not appear on your doorstep. It is important to note that your contract is with the retailer not the courier so any disputes must be raised with the seller who should reimburse you for the missing goods.

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Is your sewing machine up to the job?

In days gone by a sewing machine would have been a common sight in many homes as people often made their own clothes and repaired and altered clothes for the family. Some people even made a living out of this and so their sewing machine was a vital piece of equipment. Now people who own a sewing machine has reduced dramatically and unless you are interested in sewing and dressmaking it is unlikely that you will use one regularly. That said, some people do have a sewing machine hidden somewhere in a dusty corner of the attic waiting for someone to blow away the cobwebs and fire it up again.

If you have an older model sewing machine and you want to start to use it then it is a good idea to have it serviced by a sewing machine expert as this will ensure it is dependable and works well. As a good sewing machine is not cheap to buy new it is worth paying to have one that you own or a second hand one serviced as it will save a lot of frustration.

Ongoing care and maintenance will simply consist of cleaning it to remove any build up of fabric fibres in the mechanism and oiling of some moving parts. The instruction manual will show where these points are. The manuals for older models can usually be accessed online.

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