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Appliances that come into their own during winter

As silly as it sounds there are some appliances that are used infrequently during the summer months and spend their time in the back of a kitchen cupboard but as soon as the weather gets colder our thoughts turn to stews, soups and toasted sandwiches and the appliances that are used to make these heart-warming foods.

A slow cooker is often used to make stews and curries and is ideal if you are out at work during the day and want a warm meal to come home to. The ingredients are simply placed in the slow cooker in the morning, if the slow cooker has a timer function the timer is set and then it can be left to cook the meal. Slow cookers are very versatile and can be used to cook a wide variety of savoury and sweet dishes.

Soup makers were very popular a few years ago and if you enjoy home made soup then it is worthwhile investing in one. All the ingredients for your delicious soup are put into the soup maker and the appliance cooks and liquidises the soup for you. All you need is the crusty bread to go with it.

Many people enjoy a sandwich for lunch but on a cold day a hot toasted sandwich is much better, so a sandwich toaster is invaluable. Experiment with fillings for your toastie as there are many delicious variations to enjoy.

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Should an air purifier be top of your Christmas list?

Home air purifiers are becoming more popular, partly as a response to concerns over air quality and virus transmission when indoors. While our homes are often designed to keep us warm, many of us are spending much more time indoors and so are becoming exposed to more indoor particles and pollutants that can induce or aggravate breathing issues. Air purifiers are a reliable solution to get rid of indoor pollutants and are certainly worth adding to your home.

Air purifiers essentially work by cleaning the air, which may include pollutants, allergens, and toxins. Unlike essential oil diffusers and humidifiers, which add particles to indoor air, an air purifier not only removes particles but cleans the air too.

The effectiveness of air purifiers has been questioned but it has been shown that they are effective at removing allergens which is of particular benefit to those with allergies to dust mites, pollen, and pet dander.

Like allergens, indoor mould particles can become especially dangerous for people with asthma and other lung conditions. Air purifiers may work to some degree, but filtration is far more effective in getting rid of mould in the air. Filter-equipped air purifiers may also remove smoke in the air, including tobacco smoke. So, if you want to breathe easy this winter try an air purifier.

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How do I dispose of my outdated electronics?

Disposing of old electronic equipment is an increasing problem for many households as many items fall into the category of electronics including alarm clocks; CD/DVD players and game consoles; small kitchen appliances such as kettles, toasters and blenders; personal grooming products like hairdryers, straighteners, electric toothbrushes and shavers; garden tools such as lawnmowers and shredders; other items such as lamps, torches, vacuum cleaners, phones, radios, TVs, printers, cameras and smoke alarms. Some local authorities collect small electrical items as part of their kerbside collection, otherwise you can recycle these and larger items at selected retailers and at Household Waste Recycling Centres.

It is easy to check if an electrical item, toy or game is recyclable if it has reached the end of its working life. Some will have a sticker saying not recyclable but if not then advice can be sought from your local recycling centre.

When recycling computers and phones it is important to delete any personal information that may be held on the device by doing a factory reset if the appliance is working or by removing the hard drive and destroying it.

If you have an electrical item that is still in good working condition, you could consider selling it, passing it on to someone else or donating it – some charity shops accept working electrical items for resale.

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Taking appliances with you when camping

If you are going camping then you need to decide what sort of holiday you want it to be. Some people enjoy camping going back to basics. They won’t opt for electric hook up and do all their cooking on a little gas ring or bbq. For others, they still want some of the mod cons when camping and so they take appliances with them that make certain tasks easier. If you have electric hook up you may decide to take a mini fridge or electric cool box with you. This will enable you to store basic food and milk and not Have to worry about going to the shop every day.

You may also take a kettle and toaster with you as this will be much quicker than having to boil water on a stove or toast on a gas grill.

Often many people restrict what they take purely due to the space they have. If you have plenty of space, for example take two vehicles then you may be tempted to take your whole kitchen with you, but sometimes it is important to remember that parts of camping are sometimes more enjoyable when you have to do things a little slower paced.

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What is the best sort of fan you should get for your home?

With the UK now in a heatwave, many of us have been up the attic or in to our garages to bring out the fans. There are a huge range of different types of fans on the market now ranging drastically in price.

The standard pedestal fans cost around £15-£50 each and tend to give off a good blast of air. You can often opt for one that can be tilted, height adjusted and also set to rotate. These fans do often require quite a bit of space, especially floor space as they tend to have a large base to ensure they stand up on their own.

Tower fans are a great choice -these are a relatively new design and are extremely popular. They can cost around the same as a pedestal fan but often cost a little bit more. They will also oscillate and you can usually change the speed settings of the fan.

you can get USB desk top fans which are ideal if you have limited space in a bedroom for example. The only issue with these are they do tend to be quite loud and sometimes a little unreliable. If putting in a child’s bedroom be sure to turn them off when you go to bed and don’t put them too close to where they are sleeping.  

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