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Is appliance insurance worthwhile?

When you purchase a new appliance from one of the larger electrical stores it is common for you to be offered appliance insurance to cover breakdowns and sometimes accidental damage. Customers are encouraged to take on this insurance and are usually offered credit terms so that they can pay a small amount monthly. This can give some customers peace of mind especially if the appliance is expensive and to replace it would be difficult. There are however some things to think about before you commit to taking out the insurance.

All new appliances have a twelve month guarantee from new which covers breakdowns so as long as you have been careful to only use your appliance as instructed you will be able to get a new one or a repair free of charge should anything go wrong.

It is a good idea to check whether your appliances are covered under your normal house insurance especially for accidental damage as you may be paying twice for the same cover.

If you have a local appliance repair company that offers repairs at a reasonable price it may be that the money you pay out in insurance could be saved until you need a repair doing.

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Is it worth buying the latest kitchen gadget?

As many of us know there are those kitchen appliances and gadgets that we just can’t live without and there are those that sit languishing in the back of our kitchen cupboards waiting to be used but how do we know which is which?

Before buying any appliance or kitchen gadget it is important to ask ourselves a few important questions. Firstly, do I really need a piece of additional equipment to perform the task in hand? An electronic can opener is useful if you have arthritis and find it difficult to grip and turn an ordinary opener but is a lot more expensive and may take up valuable worktop space if you have a small kitchen.

The second question to ask is how often the appliance is going to be used. If it is only once a year for example a large cake mixer to make a Christmas cake could you borrow one from a friend or relative. If, however you make several large cakes for family birthdays and anniversaries it would be a wise investment.

Many people have bought a bread making machine with the intention of making their own healthy bread only to find that it is far cheaper to buy it from a bakery so think carefully before splashing out on what could be a white elephant.

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Is a bean to cup coffee machine a good buy?

Do you like a really good cup of coffee? If a quality coffee is at the top of your must have list you may have considered buying a bean to cup coffee machine. The downside to these machines is the cost as they are normally quite expensive but are they worth the extra cost?

Although instant coffee has come a long way in terms of quality many serious coffee drinkers believe that ground coffee is superior. The variety and flavours of ground coffee available to buy are abundant and vary greatly in price. High quality ground coffee can be bought from independent retailers some even offering a taste test before purchase. However coffee beans can also be bought from major supermarkets and coffee houses but a grinder will be needed.

The beauty of the bean to cup coffee machine is its simplicity. Coffee beans of your choice are put into the receptacle at the top of the machine and the water container is filled with cold water from the tap. The strength of the coffee can be selected as can the size of the cup being used. Simply press a button and your perfectly made cup of coffee is ready to drink.

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Can you haggle in shops in the UK?

If you have recently been abroad to a country such as Tunisia, Egypt or Canaries then you will probably be well aware that people often haggle on the market and in some shops to get a better price. Lots of people have the confidence to do it abroad, quickly learning that if they don’t they may get taken advantage of, but did you know you can actually do it in many shops in the UK, even some big chain shops. When you have found a number of products that you want to buy, before taking them up to the check out, try and speak to a member of staff and ask them if they can do you a better deal when buying multiple items. If you want an item that you have seen cheaper elsewhere, many stores offer a price match or lower price than their competitors if you ask. If you are buying a large quantity from one store, then you could also ask to see if they will give you a bulk discount.

If an item is marked or damaged, you can again ask for a reduction in price but it may then not be allowed to be returned. This can often save you quite a bit on the retail price and often the damage can easily be repaired or does not affect the product use in any way.

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What to look for when buying a new microwave?

Not many of us like to buy new appliances for our kitchen as it is often an expense that we could do without. Many households have microwaves which can offer a quick and effective way of reheating or cooking food. There is a vast range in prices when it comes to choosing your new microwave with the cheapest starting at around £50 upwards of £250! So, what is the difference and is it worth spending more on your microwave?

Firstly you need to consider how often you use it, if it is only once or twice a week then you may not want to fork out a lot but if you use your microwave daily then you want to make sure that it is fast, energy efficient and also big enough to accommodate the items that you want to cook in it. Microwave sizes are usually displayed in litres. A 25-litre microwave will offer ample space inside, but you may find that it is too big if you have a smaller kitchen. One of the main features you may want to look out for is the wattage. 700-watt microwaves will take longer to cook something than a 900-watt microwave, but this is often reflected in the price. You also need to decide if you want a manual microwave with a knob that you turn to set the time or a digital one. If you often use the microwave for short amounts of time (i.e. less than a minute) or you need it to be accurate then a digital one will be best suited to you.

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