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Camping appliances

If you have ever been camping you will know that room is something that many people struggle with. Many of us would like to take much more with us, but having to pack everything in to a car or trailer often restricts what we can bring.

If you are going to go camping often then it may be worth investing is some proper camping equipment. This not only makes it easier when you come to pack but also camping equipment is designed to be more portable and a compact.

Pots and pans are something that takes up a lot of room but are essential if you are going to be cooking some meals. You can buy pots and pans that have removable handles and that stack completely inside each other so you can transport them easier. Cooking stoves are another must have for campers. You can just buy a single gas ring stove for around £20 or you can spend a bt more and get a double ring and grill. Make sure you don’t forget to get the gas bottles that are compatible with your stove.

Air beds are perfect for camping but if you are planning on staying for a few nights or struggle with your joints at all, you should invest in a good quality one.

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How can you lower your household electricity bills?

The majority of homeowners and renters are interested in trying to save money on their household bills and usually the largest bill is for the energy we use. Over time the various energy sources such as electricity, gas and oil vary in their prices so that one may be far cheaper than the other, but electricity is used by us all for lighting and appliances even if not for heating. Saving money on our electricity bills is therefore important for us to achieve.

Savings can be made quite easily on our lighting usage by changing old incandescent light bulbs for more energy efficient LED lighting. Although more expensive initially, the saving over time is invaluable.

Turning off appliances that are not being used is another way to save energy and therefore money. Devices left on standby may not seem to be using much energy but over weeks and months it can add up to a considerable sum.

If it is possible in the property to install solar panels to provide some of the electricity you need it is a great investment as you will be able to generate electricity that can be used to power appliances in your home whilst the sun is shining.

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Is owning a carpet washer a good idea?

Although laminate and wood flooring are a popular floor covering choice in many homes, carpets are still the preferred option for many especially in bedrooms and living rooms as it is generally warmer and gives a cosier feel to your home. The downside to carpeted floors is that they can get dirty particularly if you have pets or young children. This problem necessitates the need to wash the carpets periodically, but should you purchase a carpet washer, or should you simply hire one when needed?

If you decide to buy your own carpet washer there are a few to choose from and depending on how much carpet you have will determine the size of the washer you buy. If you have a large carpeted area a more substantial machine will be a better buy as the water tanks are larger so will need less emptying however you will need to consider where you are going to store it when not in use. A smaller model is a better option if storage space is a problem or even consider a wet and dry machine that can be used as a vacuum cleaner too.

As the cost of hiring a machine is quite costly it is certainly worth thinking about buying a carpet washer to share between family households thus cutting down on the initial outlay.

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Is appliance insurance worthwhile?

When you purchase a new appliance from one of the larger electrical stores it is common for you to be offered appliance insurance to cover breakdowns and sometimes accidental damage. Customers are encouraged to take on this insurance and are usually offered credit terms so that they can pay a small amount monthly. This can give some customers peace of mind especially if the appliance is expensive and to replace it would be difficult. There are however some things to think about before you commit to taking out the insurance.

All new appliances have a twelve month guarantee from new which covers breakdowns so as long as you have been careful to only use your appliance as instructed you will be able to get a new one or a repair free of charge should anything go wrong.

It is a good idea to check whether your appliances are covered under your normal house insurance especially for accidental damage as you may be paying twice for the same cover.

If you have a local appliance repair company that offers repairs at a reasonable price it may be that the money you pay out in insurance could be saved until you need a repair doing.

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Is it worth buying the latest kitchen gadget?

As many of us know there are those kitchen appliances and gadgets that we just can’t live without and there are those that sit languishing in the back of our kitchen cupboards waiting to be used but how do we know which is which?

Before buying any appliance or kitchen gadget it is important to ask ourselves a few important questions. Firstly, do I really need a piece of additional equipment to perform the task in hand? An electronic can opener is useful if you have arthritis and find it difficult to grip and turn an ordinary opener but is a lot more expensive and may take up valuable worktop space if you have a small kitchen.

The second question to ask is how often the appliance is going to be used. If it is only once a year for example a large cake mixer to make a Christmas cake could you borrow one from a friend or relative. If, however you make several large cakes for family birthdays and anniversaries it would be a wise investment.

Many people have bought a bread making machine with the intention of making their own healthy bread only to find that it is far cheaper to buy it from a bakery so think carefully before splashing out on what could be a white elephant.

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